Chamber filter press
parameters1:Name: Chamber filter press
parameters2:Integrate series:
parameters3: Green PP filter plate , White PP filter plate with anit-high temperature high pressure can be choosed
Operation method: 1. Automatic compaction.
2. Automatic retain pressure.


                         Note:   X ---- Chamber filter Press                 

                             M----Open flow

                             Y-----Hydraulic press.

                             J-----Locking screw hold press.

                             Z---- Hydraulic hold press..

                             U----Filter plate material: Plastic (RPP)

                             B----Nonwashable type.

(Series of 920 ,1000,1250,1600 plate is optional.For more details of them please contact us .)



1.Environmental protection technology industry is mainly applied in:

Electronic, electroplating, leather (manufacture leather), pickling, dust removal equipment, the flue gas desulfurization, c. processing, automobile industry, the steel industry, textile industry, pulp and paper industry, glass industry, electric industry and dung water purification, etc.


2.Municipal sludge is mainly applied in:

 Heavy mud, and early second pond sludge, active sludge, the digestion sludge, etc.


3.The water plant is mainly applied in sludge dewatering:

 Treatment of groundwater, the river water, and the lake and reservoir water tap water factory production process of sludge produced.


4.Mineral, mining industry is mainly applied in:

 Clay, bleaching earth (bentonite, soap earth), kaolin, ceramics, ceramic material, cement, mineral, floating wash pulp, coal.


5.The metallurgical industry is mainly applied in:

Titanium, copper, lead and tin, nickel, zinc, silver, gold chemical wet equipment


6.Chemical industry is mainly applied in:

  Color pigments, acid (phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, amino acids, sour), titanium dioxide, stearic acid, alkali, salt, Portland, solvent, packing, calcium carbonate, glycerin.


7.The food industry is mainly applied in:

 Beet sugar, sugar, starch, rice flour, tapioca starch powder, tree, yeast, spices, vegetable oil and fat (palm oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, etc.), animal fats and fat (fish oil, butter), seaweed (AGAR), soy sauce, gelatin.


8.Beverage industry is mainly applied in:

 Whisky oil, rice oil, beer, wine


9.The pharmaceutical industry is mainly applied in:

  Plasma, enzymes, amino acids, antibiotics, pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical    vingredients (apis), traditional Chinese medicine, etc


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